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Aqueduct Logistics is a new company formed to address a longstanding need for proven, effective "last mile" delivery solutions in the dense urban environment of New York City. Using our custom designed cargo-bicycle-and-trailer systems, Aqueduct's employees can haul your goods to their destination in less time than a box truck or van, without receiving tickets, blocking traffic, blocking fire hydrants, or wasting time looking for loading zones.

As well as a service for picking up or delivering your goods, Aqueduct is a human-scale marketing solution. We offer display advertising on the sides of our bikes and trailers, and our drivers are visible to everyone, able to answer questions (e.g., how late are you open?), hand out literature or flyers, and stop to chat with neighbors and passersby. Our custom-designed bike and trailer systems are eyecatching and unique and will attract attention to your brand and heighten interest in your store or service.